Developer UI testing made easy before you commit to source!.

Richard Wilde Profile Picture Richard Wilde

Unit testing helps us when writing any sort of application, however we often end up writing unit tests for small pieces of logic that don't really matter and sometimes miss out on the bigger picture. As a developer we tend to shy away from Web UI testing as the feedback loop is just too slow.

In this demo led presentation we will take a look at a toolset that gives us end-to-end testing to give us far faster feedback. As a developer you will be able to run UI tests before you commit your code to source!

Welcome to CasperJS a navigation and testing utility written in JavaScript, which plays nicely alongside PhantomJs, a headless WebKit browser.

I will show you:

 - how to get up and running
 - how to screen scrape and take screen captures
 - how to test your UI
 - how the Page Object pattern can help you maintain your test code
 - how Visual Studio Code and Typescript fits in