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Stephen Turner

With over 40 years as a software engineer and hardware hacker (prototyping with the Intel 4004 as a boy, later building his own Altair 8800), Stephen has assimilated well over 20 languages from stone-age PDP-11 machine code and IBM System/360 assembler to the esoteric likes of APL and PostScript (creating an enterprise app in the later saved his client a cool $½M per year). A few years back, while recovering from a year-long romance with C++ and OpenGL, he rediscovered JavaScript (which he loved, then hated, then loved again). Though now competent as a full stack developer (Node, Azure), Stephen interests lie in novel user interface libraries (React, D3, BabalonJS), programming paradigms (Ramda, RxJS, Redux) and languages (TypeScript, Elm, Wolfram).

At the pinnacle of his career, Stephen enjoyed over eight years as a senior software engineer and developer advocate with Microsoft. Much of this time was focused on white-boarding high-performance systems with City of London clients. As part of a small team introducing the UK to the .NET Framework and C#, and subsequently leading the evangelism of Avalon (later known as Windows Presentation Foundation), Stephen has delivered hundreds of presentations, from small user groups to doing the demos at major conference keynotes. His talks are both thought provoking and entertaining.

Based in Harrogate, Stephen is a consulting JavaScript engineer focused on bringing leading edge principles, patterns and practices to web app development. When he doesn’t have his head buried in code, Stephen devotes his time to teaching his precocious 6-year-old boys the art of mathematics, coding and robotics. He recently became a STEM Ambassador so that he could help out at the kid’s local Code Club.