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Ryan Yates
After being heavily interested in IT in secondary school Ryan started down the path to attain the Server 2003 MSCE during 2006. Being unable to complete the course at the time however lead Ryan to move out of IT until he landed his first role as an IT Apprentice in late 2012 where he was thrown into the SharePoint Support team as a Second-Line Support technician for a global financial firm.

During his time there he found a love for using PowerShell to automate tasks using the .NET managed CSOM in SharePoint 2010 and started down this route in favour of learning how to do the same in C# as there weren't many great resources out there for using CSOM in PowerShell.

This led to him contributing to the community with additions to SPPS (SharePoint PowerShell) on codeplex until the Office Dev PnP PowerShell project came about and you can sometimes find him responding to items in there.

Ryan has since focused mainly on the underlying PowerShell language and is well known in the PowerShell Community and was recently awarded MVP in April 2016

Ryan is the UK Wide Lead Coordinator of the UK PowerShell User Groups - Get-PSUGUK - www.get-psuguk.org and is the Organiser of the Manchester User Group.

Ryan plans to bring more PowerShell User Groups to the UK after enjoying being a part of a number of the SharePoint User Groups here in the UK and has presented at a number of national and international events in the last year.