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Derek Graham

Derek has worked at almost every level of the software development foodchain over the last 25 plus years working as a development lead, technical consultant and code monkey. He has experience in real-time motion control, automating stock control and barcoding for ERP systems, software licencing, developer tooling and shrink-wrapped software as well as several open source projects.

He is a Principal Developer at Sage UK in Newcastle upon Tyne, helping to deliver cloud-based business solutions in .Net on Microsoft's Azure platform.

His main areas of interest are in using agile methods to help improve what we ship, XP practices, TDD, continuous and deliberate learning, visual thinking, design and, of course, code.

He is co-organizer of NE Bytes (.Net user group) and Agile North East, a technical reviewer for Pragmatic Programmer books, an infrequent Sketchnoter and dislikes writing in the third person.