Enhancing your enterprise with modern Windows apps.

James Croft Profile Picture James Croft

Based on experiences building modern business applications to update legacy processes, this session will aim to help give a better understanding to Microsoft's universal Windows platform and how it can improve the lives of your enterprise customers using legacy applications.

You will learn the tooling that is available today to help in migrating classic Windows applications to the universal Windows platform. You'll also learn about open source projects which are being maintained and built to help you design and build great user experiences for the platform with minimal effort while utilising your classic application's code with demos to get you started.

While taking a look through modernising your applications interface and bringing it into the modern world, you'll learn how the power of the universal Windows platform will allow you to take those business applications to bigger and better devices such as the Microsoft Surface Hub and mixing realities with the Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality headsets, exclusive to Windows 10 apps.