Your Handover Sucks. What’s Your Phone Number?.

Anthony Dang Profile Picture Anthony Dang
Many years ago I was a freelancing contractor. I did a handover on my last day of a small-medium website build. The agency contacted me a few months later to ask questions about how it all worked. For the record, my code was decent, the Lead Developer saw a demo, and my handover documentation was very good.

So what went wrong?

For a start, at 5pm on my last day, I met the project manager (for the first time). He told me that the functionality was not as he expected. Let's just say that their company processes left me wanting.

For this talk I’ll be discussing why a proper development process, and incorporating knowledge sharing (built into day to day activities) effectively makes handovers unnecessary. I’ll be presenting how we at The Cogworks implement knowledge sharing and open communication as part of our processes, and how this benefits to the company as a whole.

Some of the topics I will cover are:
    •    Client engagement and transparency 
    •    Pair programming, and when it’s appropriate
    •    Asking for help, and when it's  appropriate
    •    Pull Requests and code reviews as a vital part of quality control
    •    Behavioural & Integration tests (eg. using Ghost Inspector)
    •    Cross functional teams, and how they improve communication & throughput
    •    Kanban pull based workflow and how it improves not only project throughput, but company wide throughput, and maintenance 
    •    Scrum rituals and the importance of Sprint Retrospectives