Making SonarQube work for you.

Peter Roberts

In a perfect world, all code would likewise be perfect - but here in the real world, that's not usually the case, and code that you or your colleagues write will always have one or two flaws that sneak in when you’re not looking. SonarQube is a tool that aims to shine a light on those flaws, and give you a way of enforcing your code quality standards as part of your CI/CD process so you can keep quality high even as your project grows and changes over time.


In this session, I'll be taking you through what SonarQube does and how you can customise it to fit your project and process. SonarQube has support baked in for analysing a wide variety of languages and technologies, and I'll be talking about how you can customise the rules and quality standards being applied to focus only on the problems you care about. I'll also be going over how you can extend SonarQube to support additional languages and technologies and how to integrate it with your existing CI/CD tools. Finally, I'll cover some problems my colleagues and I have run into while introducing SonarQube into our organisation, and will offer some ways to solve them.