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Peter Bull

Peter Bull is an ASP.NET web developer and works on helping to deliver solutions for a company working with the utilities industry, they manage data flows and related web portals and are based in his home town of Gateshead just over the river from Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East. He's also worked on developing solutions to generate content for in-venue advertising and re-wrote in .NET and maintained an online second-hand book website.

Peter has written dozens of Universal Windows Platform Tutorials over the past few years as well as writing his own apps in the past including one that got over 300,000 downloads which was one the first 1,000 apps for the Windows Phone platform. He's also written a C# Workshop and maintains a blog where he's covered a variety of topics including companion content and also ported some of his previous tutorials to Xamarin.

In his spare time you'll find him posting on Twitter as @RoguePlanetoid about a variety of topics but mostly for Microsoft related activities of which he has a keen interest, indicated by him owning a Zune HD plus over half a dozen Windows Phone devices over the years and all the Xbox consoles plus dozens of games for each.