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Peter Shaw

I'm a typical original UK back bedroom developer heralding back to the early 1980's

I cut my first bit of code in late 1970 in Sinclair basic and I've never looked back since.

I've presented multiple times at DDD-North and once at DunDDD (DDD Scotland), and can often be found poking around in the various UK user groups. I help run one of the most prominent global .NET orientated user groups on the internet called Lidnug which is based on the Linked-In groups platform.

I'm a Pluralsight Author and I'm the Author of 7 books in the Syncfusion Succinctly series (With a 8th and 9th Currently being written)

I've worked with Orange Mobile Communications, The Royal & Commercial Banks of Qatar and many smaller companies and start-up's in the 30+years I've been involved in I.T

These days I run my own I.T consultancy here in the North East of the UK called "Digital Solutions Computer Software UK", and I build and maintain general I.T solutions to solve any problem you may be looking to solve,  I get involved in the hardware too... but shhh let's keep that one our little secret ;-)